Unique for its strength, lightness of weight and corrosion resistance

Titanium hose clamps are unique among metals in the chemical processing industry for handling chlorine (wet) and chlorine compounds in aqueous solutions. Titanium hose clamps are fully resistant to solutions of chlorides, hypochlorites, chlorates, perchlorates and chlorine dioxide. As a result titanium hose clamps are often using within the chlorine related industries such as pulp and paper and chlor-alkali / bleach.

Titanium hose clamps are also an excellent material to prevent seawater corrosion. Because titanium hose clamps can resists corrosion by seawater up to temperatures as high as 500°F (260°C) as well as survive at ocean depths over a mile below the surface, titanium hose clamps are used throughout the oil & gas, desalination and marine industries.

Common Titanium Grades

Titanium Grade 2 Hose Clamps

Unalloyed titanium or commercially pure titanium is the most common grade of titanium utilized throughout industry due to its ease of availability and good properties.

Currently only titanium grade 2 is available in the form of hose clamps.

Mechanical Properties

Titanium Tensile Data


Titanium's Resistance to Chlorine

Titanium Resistance Chlorine


Corrosion Data

Titanium Corrosion Data


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